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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Singapore - KL Trip (part one)

Hey all,
I just went back from my trip to Singapore - Kuala Lumpur last Sunday. It was a great 8 days trip with my brother, and 3 best friends of mine (setyo, oyo, and yovan).

We planned to be backpackers, and not travellers. So we tried to get the cheapest, or at least cheaper prices than the normal rates. Saving transportation costs, living cost, and breakfast costs (yeah, we cooked noodles, cereal, and other breakfast foods, lol)

We departed from Soekarno Hatta International Airport in Jakarta to Batam (Sumatra Island). From there, we took ferry to Singapore, it save more money than if we travel directly from Jakarta to Singapore.

Here's the pic where we take the ferry in Batam
S'pore - KL July08

We stayed for 4 nights in Singapore. We rent an apartment room in Lucky Plaza, it costs much cheaper and feels like home. We can cook, wash, there is a refrigerator, microwaves, well it feels like home. Here's the info Lucky Plaza room info (bahasa version)

We went to Clarke Quay at the first nite, Accompanied by my cousin who works in SingTel Spore, Fauzi, thanks for your help there bro. For more pics about it, see my flickr.

S'pore - KL July08

S'pore - KL July08

Next day, we went to Merlion, Esplanade, and Changi (just for lunch and sight seeing). Changi has a great architectural designs, especially for the latest terminal, Terminal 3. It has a great roof, which can give the same lighting for a year. Those fins can move automatically when they have to adjust the lights. Great design!

S'pore - KL July08

Merlion is The Singapore National Symbol. It is a white lion. Singapore is a small country located in the southern of Malaysia Peninsular. Here's the info about Singapore.

S'pore - KL July08

S'pore - KL July08

Oh not forgot in that day, we bought bus ticket to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It costs about 25-30 SGD (1SGD = 1.33USD).

In the next day, we went to Sentosa Island. There are 3 beaches there, which are human made beaches, and guess what? the white sand was smuggled from Indonesia territory, and there is one signboard that say "The most southern point of Continental Asia", Hello?? did they never learn geography in their school time before? Okay, even Indonesia is an islands country, but Sentosa Island is separated from continental asia, the most southern in the asia is the Johor area, Malaysia. (okay, enough with the emotion here, let's continue with the better information)

S'pore - KL July08

S'pore - KL July08

We can take bus, monorail, or cable car from Harbour Front Area in Singapore to get to Sentosa Island. Bus and Monorail are much cheaper than Cable car. But by cable car, we can get more adrenalin rushing to get there.

S'pore - KL July08

Singapore has a very convenient and comfortable public transportation system, called MRT. Mass Rapid Transportation. We can buy the EZlink ticket and we just have to tap the card to the gate, without buy any single ticket.
Here's the info, MRT Information.

Okay, here's the part 1 of our trip....We'll continue the part 2 about Kuala lumpur trip later..


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