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Friday, June 13, 2008

Jakarta, my Capital (crowded) City...

Refer to “The Jakarta Post” daily newspaper, on June 10th 2008, mentioned that one of the Survey Organization in USA made a ranking for all big cities in the world. Their aspects included city facilities such as apartment, shopping center, office, public transportation, air pollution, and personal safety. New York is the reference, New York point is 110.

I want to talk about my capital city, Jakarta. It was written that Jakarta nowadays is better in Business district, shopping center, entertainment options, and luxurious apartments. But, it still has problems, with undeveloped public transportation system & constant traffic problems, as well as high levels of air pollution.

Jakarta is on the 146th, with the score is 63.7, while Singapore is the best city in Asia and South East Asia, with score 102.9 and on the 32nd place. Kuala Lumpur is the second best after Singapore in South East Asia, on 75th place and the score is 90.2. Congratulations for Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. And For Jakarta, we still have to thinking hard to make our city become a healthier place to live.

Furthermore, for Personal safety aspect, Jakarta is the lowest among South East Asian Cities with the score is 43.9 and on the 189. Manila, Filipino's capital is the second worst with 51.5 point, on the position 178.

It’s just to remind all of us, especially Indonesian, Hey guys! We should wake up and realize how bad our capital condition is, whatever you do, keep thinkin about our country, our nation, Indonesia.



  1. is that bad? really?
    i never go to Jakarta before

  2. Well, for the traffic jam, yeah it is. There are too many private cars in Jakarta, because of the undeveloped public transportation.

    But now there's Bus way, buses that are given their own road, so it doesn't got any jam..And soon there will be LRT and Monorail, but jakarta government is still looking for the investor.

  3. Majulah Indonesia!!

    so much potential in YOU!

    yeah YOU.. coz ur reading this.. :)

    "Take benefit of five before five:

    your youth before your old age,
    your health before your sickness,
    your wealth before your poverty,
    your free-time before your preoccupation,
    and your life before your death."

    [Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him - al-Haakim, al-Bayhaqee, Saheeh]


  4. @You,
    Thanks so much, so much....for the supports...


  5. @bikinsurprise,
    Okay nis...This time Bandung is better...But Bandung is not good for career developement. Is there any mechanical offices there, beside PT. DI?

  6. i think it's not good for your career development :p. but as long as we know every opportunities we can do in both Jakarta/Bandung, and take a little advantages for them, i'm sure those cities will be very please to live in ;)

  7. @bikinsurprise,
    yeah, I admit that bandung is the best place for living. Cool weather, small integrated city that is not too big to live in..IF there are better offices there.. (still with my opinion)

    Okay, we can make and built our own career developement, but at least the working field for engineer as I am now, there are not many choices there...Well maybe for my retired life, i will stay there..fair enough miss bandung? ;)