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Monday, April 28, 2008

Rafting - Cisadane River

Few weeks ago I had rafting on Cisadane river, Bogor, West Java, Indonesia..I did it with my Mechanical Students Council. It took about 3 hours to arrived to Bogor from Bandung by car.

(The beginning of the trip)

(Here we go!)

FYI, There are 3 rivers in Bogor which famous for rafting. From the top area of the hills, Cicatih, Citarik, last is Cisadane. The first one is the most difficult river for rafting. Cisadane is the average, same like Citarik. For more info, please open this website.

The streams didn't too hard, but it was raining when we were in the middle of the trip...It was so much fun, and made our adrenalin out..great experience!

(This is called "JERAM NAGA" of "DRAGON STREAM")

It is called "Jeram Naga" or "Dragon Stream" because the flow like dragon, wild and hard. Then we had to do slalom, like when dragon moves...

After few hours had been doing this rafting, we arrived at the check point. Below are the photos.


I didn't know why the committee gave us soft drink, maybe it was sponsored or why i dunno. But all i know, after sport, the best drink is isotonic or mineral water...

(With our advisor)

Last one, it was not as scared as you think. Depends on the difficulty of the river. I wish I can do it again someday! Yeah!



  1. looks having fun.
    wish i am there.

  2. whats up with guy showing his back ?! hahaha

    kinda extreme stream!

  3. I can feel the excitement..
    soaked from head to toe in fun!


  4. Lovely scenery!

    I need a holiday too!!

  5. @violet,
    hehehe. please come to indonesia..and don't forget to do this rafting. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN! ^^

    haha...Extreme lil bit, but it still could be handled..haha

    Yeah! you'll push your adrenalin out here..

    So, why dont you prepare a plan for your holiday ma'am?