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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Ganesha Music Event

This is the advertisement of Ganesha Music Event (GME). Ganesha is street name of my campus, but Ganesha also being a symbol of my campus, which is a Hindu science and art god too. GME is an annual event, but for this year, committee decide to make GME for ITB's internal bands, like bems, or others. And luckily, bems will perform right before the special guest star, that is Balawan trio. Balawan is a famous guitarist in Indonesia. He is so skillful, especially in jazz and ethnic music..great!!

BEMS will collaborate with famous Vocal Group in bandung, they are 5 High School Vocal Group (nice to have a show with you all) and we will combine some of our songs to be played on GME...! It will be a great show...!

Hope BEMS can give the best for the audiences..yeah!!

Please come and support us!! ^^



  1. Waduh, udah mulai sibuk yah sekarang, trus cewek2 maniez mampir ^^

  2. go baskoro go!! :)

  3. @ninzinha,
    hahaha..ngga segitunya kali nin..berlebihan deh anda ;)

    yeah! ^^

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  6. sukses bandnya yah..!!
    ntar kalo udah ngeluarin hit single jgn sombong!!!!

  7. Sometimes people ask me why I like country music and I have a hard time answering the question. I know I love it more than any other kind of music, but I can't put my finger on exactly why.

    You should try country music ;)

  8. @Shelly,
    thanks so much...

    ok i will open it..

    is there no any english version?

    hehehe..amin2..! doakan yaa

    Oh country, i like Faith Hill though...

  9. me and emma will be the groupies. Next time when we come to the show, we'll wear "We Love Baskoro" hahahah we did that for joel performance. people were looking at us.. bloody gay!

  10. @risza,
    Hahaha...ok we will wait for you both on our gigs...!

  11. oke ur friend risza is so funny!

    yeah i like the idea.. and please take a photo of that T too!

    can't wait..
    seems like the number of fans is growing at large!! :p

    ~ramainya yang nge-fans huhu


  12. @You,
    hahaha...they're ISKL students sa...I haven't met them anyway...just chat only..

    Ok, i will take a pic of that T when they move to jakarta and come to our gigs...

    fans?? oh no way...They're my friends..hahaha.

    My guitarist has so many fans now, coz he'w the song writer..

    Don't worry ;) hehehe

  13. bas band BEMS lo keren

    asli, musiknya uda bagus

    tapi ada beberapa masukan

    dari temen2 nih, semoga

    bisa jadi kritik yang membangun

    1. masalah teks lagu, terlalu monoton
    2. karena kita hidup d indonesia yah banyakin lagu yg berbahasa indonesia
    3. dah itu aja :)

    keep it on bro
    gw yakin band lo bisa
    maju and more improvement again

    DIMAS - 13104045