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Sunday, April 6, 2008

BEMS on PsychoExplosion Event

BEMS on Unpad event

Last saturday, in the PsychoExplosion event, presented by Psychological Faculty of UNPAD, BEMS performed. The event was held in the Sabuga, Bandung. We performed at 17.00, 5 songs played and those all were BEMS' songs. Started with Sunshine, then Wanita, Senja, Sweetest thing, and last is Crazy night. The crowd was surprised by our music which is catchy, warm and the lyrics are easy to be understood..Next performance will be on this Friday night, 11 April in our campus ITB, Bandung...Balawan trio will be the special guest star there...and we will perform right before Balawan, watch us!!

FYI, we were on the same stage with RAN..the rising star in Indonesia...hehehe...good luck for both of us! yeah!!

Please click on BEMS link in my blog if you wanna hear our songs. Enjoy!!

BEMS on Unpad event

BEMS on Unpad event
(After show, with backing vocals)

BEMS on Unpad event
(BEMS after show)

For more pictures, please click on My Photo Gallery

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  1. Do you guys have clip on YouTube etc?

    Please don't stop the music ;)

  2. @shelly,
    Not yet, but we are preparing to put our concert video on it..I will announce when it is published.

    Yerp, music for our life..!!

  3. Well done BEMS!
    keep on going!

    I like the guy with keyboard
    so cute meh ^^

  4. I agree with Shelly. It would be nice if you can share some videos on the net.
    Can't wait!

    Can you publish lyrics of Sunshine, Sweetest Thing and Crazy Night?
    I'm excited to see the wordings :)

  5. hai hai.. alow.. main main yuk ke web aku, silahkan klik
    sekarang banyak barang baru lho.. langsung aja check ke web aku ya.. mampir mampir ya semua..
    eh iya ini ym aku ya = lennajohan

    barang akan terus diupdate lho.. sering sering mampir ya..

  6. @violet,
    yeah, we will keep on going..!


    Hmm, we will publish our video later, when we feel ready to be published. for now, just let pictures and musics patient.

    Well, those songs were made by okky, my guitarist, so i have to ask him first whether it can be published or not... =) but, if he says yes, then i will..

  7. It's a matter of time when you rub shoulders with the big bands!

    Keep it up!

  8. we want more!! we want more!!

    PaRRtyy !!

  9. aransemen2 kya muse unik tuh..

    ..sukses trus yeh

  10. hey, bas, lagu yg bagus. gw udah apal dikit2. bisa lah kalo lu show gw ikutan nyanyi.

    i wanna be the stars give you shine every nite.
    i wanna be the moon give you smile every nite.

    traktirannya tambah dong kalo udah sukses, spaghetti aja masih ngutang lo. hahahah.

  11. I love the song called the sweetest thing... even though it's not really my type of song but it's good. :)

    xoxo. Risz

  12. Tebak syapa? heheheApril 6, 2008 at 11:25 PM

    wahahaha anak klaten nge-band jg toh... nduk nduk... eh ngomong2 nih yg di atas gw bilang traktir. gw jd inget... elo ama makluk jlek bernama terung kan masih utang gw makanan. huehuehuehuehue.. kali ini.. gw TIDAK BAKAL telat :p eh bas, gw dibeliin hp ama si jeng yg diatas gw.. ashyiiiippp!

  13. @gavin,
    no, jazz on! hahaha

    @dr. chris,
    hopefully, thanks!

    hehehe...this friday will be the next gig..

    well, untuk skarang bikin yang bisa diterima masyarakat dulu deh..itu nanti kalo udah punya massa..hehe

    asik2...dukung terus ya iraa...

    keep supporting us..! and will you be the lady vocalist? hahaha

    ketebak lo ni, siapa lagi yg ngomong ttg orang klaten..hehehe..sip2, jangan telat lg deh mendingan...

  14. Lady vocalist my ass! :p I'll be the groupie! hahahahah :p JK

  15. Lady vocalist?? haha..we will casting your voice too before you are accepted to that position...hehehe