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Monday, March 10, 2008

Other Nice Quote

"The Possibilities are Infinite"

See these pictures..

(Madinat al-Hareer/ City of Silk)

Few decades ago, most of people never thought about making the skyscraper that will reach 1000 meter 93,281 ft) tall. But now, many researches has been done to realize this dream, the one stop vertical living.

The point of my post is NOT the technology or the skyscraper. But the passion, spirit and the willingness of people who have a dream to make it come true. We have to be OPTIMIST for our own life. If we wanna be an extraordinary person, we should have to jump out from our comfortable zone and face the obstacles. When we can go through it, we'll be stronger than before.

"Think positively to motivate ourselves, to prepare, and to learn everything so we can realize our dreams, our future and our own life"

*But keep remember that the purpose of our life is to make all of the goodness in this WORLD, don't ruin our mother earth, like what people have done until now.



  1. "What You Give You Get Back"
    -The Scorpions


    "sesungguhnya kiamat sudah dekat"

  3. @robert,

    HAHAHA back.

    The Scorpions, like it.

    Iya, ada maksud implisit juga dalam menampilkan gambar2 ini, tapi akhirnya ditulis secara eksplisit. Terima kasih sudah mengingatkan para pembaca ^^