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Monday, March 3, 2008

Cross Country Bicycling..part 4

Warung Bandrek

Last week, i had another XC cycling to Warung Bandrek. Warung bandrek located around Dago Pakar Area. Bandrek is a traditional drink from West Java. With ginger, coconut and milk, it makes us feel warm. Drink it with fried banana, and tempe.

Heaven on Earth

We went to pine forest area, and the soil was so slick. Then we had to be extra careful there.
I won't tell you too much, but these are the pics. And for more pics, see my photo gallery. thx

Pine Trees Hill

Downhill at pine hills



  1. New in town.

    Cool place!

  2. I enjoy sunshine.

    If my grammer is wrong.please advised me.Thank you very much.

  3. 涼しい

    (read: cool!)

  4. Come visit MTBA Store.

    Thank you.

  5. There is aa active club called
    Bulacan United Cycling Club
    (BUCC)in the Philippines

  6. @yangmingshan,

    nice blog!

    @violet yang,'s ok. my grammar is not too good lets practice together! :)




    great website for cycling!


    ok, if i come to Phillipine, i will ask about that club. thx!

  7. Are there any good rides in Bandung? If so, how do I get to the trialhead? Or are there any groups that ride in the area?

  8. bas, kok elo sering bercerita tentang pisang goreng yah...apa cuma kebetulan? he he he

  9. @Fika,
    hahahaha...yup, kebetulan aja fik...apa emang gw pecinta pisang goreng mungkin ya? hehehe