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Friday, March 21, 2008

BEMS on Global Radio

Yeah! Last Saturday, 15 march 2008, 3-4pm, my band BEMS, performed at the “indieglow” show on the Global Radio. Global radio provided one hour for us to on air there. It was a show for a new buzz band who wanna promote their selves.

On that 1 hour on air, the DJ asked us some questions related to our band. The basic of BEMS, our gigs, our songs, and where we will perform later. While between discussion and commercial break, we performed our song in acoustic version. Total we played 4 songs during that 1 hour session.

Wait for our next songs and performances!!



  1. BEMS growing big!


  2. Howdy cow-boy!

    Good on you! Keep music alive!

  3. @raquel,
    Yeah, we are still striving to reach our dream. Thanks raquel.. =)

    Whew! music forever!!

  4. @chika,
    yay! makasihh..doakan dan dukung BEMS terus yaa..!!

    Salam kenal juga, makasih udah mampir ^^

  5. masukin ke prambors new buzz kak..

  6. @renata,
    hahaha..Tunggu lagu berikutnya ren, mo recording minggu depan.

  7. ok, tak tunggu yoo lagu berikutnya. yg kmrn krg jelas tuh kak