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Friday, March 21, 2008

Baskoro TeDJo and Baskoro TeJo

Neo Calista

Well, this is one of my unique life stories. My name, Baskoro Tejo is inspired by the brilliant student in Central Java named Baskoro Tedjo. My mom gave me this name, coz Mr. Baskoro was my mom’s idol. My mom was a junior high school student when Mr. Baskoro Tedjo became the brilliant student of the year for Central Java Region, he was a senior high school student. And what happen was, my mom married with the schoolmate of Mr. Baskoro Tedjo who is my father. is so much tiny for my life.

At Neo Callista
(my Dad, Mr. Baskoro, Me, and my Mom)

Last Sunday, my family met Mr. Baskoro at the Neo Callista. His own designed restaurant in Dago Pakar area. He invited us to have a dinner there. During that “small reunion” Mr. Baskoro remains the memories at the high school with my father, and showed some pictures and newspapers so that my mom will remember that old times when my mom made Mr. Baskoro as her idol..hehehe.

An Old Memory

FYI, Mr. Baskoro Tedjo is a well known architect in Indonesia. Some of his designs are Selasar Sunaryo and Neo callista in Dago Pakar area. And Campus Center in my campus, ITB Bandung. And more of his designs that can you search through the internet through goggling with the keyword is “Baskoro Tedjo”. Otherwise, he likes to sing, especially jazz music. You can see the picture below.

These are some pics about Neo Callista design style. Nisa said the style is modern ars, with the painting style of piet Mondrian, primary colors red, yellow, and blue. (is it correct Nisa) Btw, thanks for your "short clear" msg about the architectural design ma'am! =)

Neo Calista

Neo Calista

Neo Calista

Neo Calista
(We can sing our song here, this is Mr. Baskoro with the guitarist)

Neo Calista

Umm, big thanks to GOD coz give us (me, my family, and Mr.Baskoro) a chance to meet each other. Thanks to Mr. Baskoro for the time. That short small reunion was so full of memories on the past 21 years..hahaha.

Thanks to Christy too, who’ve made a plan for me to meet Mr.Bas. "Ti, we have to go to OPULENCE again someday, with BEMS, with our own couple and do that ballroom dance dance there…hahaha."

*OPULENCE is a resto and lounge in Dago area, bandung. Always have a jazz jam session every Friday night…recommended to come there for the jazz lover and so does old time dance lover.



  1. WOW! That's one interesting story!
    Well done Mr.Baskoro!

  2. @Shelly,
    yerp, pretty interesting right? thx for reading it Mrs.Shelly ;)

    Another cool place in Bandung...lot of fun here...

  3. ok, Mr. Baskoro Tedjo! hehehe

  4. Mr.Baskoro is handsome one ^^

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  6. mirip kok...hahahaha
    serupa tapi tak sama

  7. gue pengen ketemu salah satu tokoh idola gue yaitu BJ

  8. Mr.Baskoro,
    iya unik juga.. hehehe.. :)

  9. break bentar sambil liatin koleksi foto cewek-cewek

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  11. seriously that was the reason Bas ??
    i've heard about Mr. Tedjo once from Yayi, i didn't expect that he's still quite young.. hohoho...
    the "reunion" must be very insprirational, wasn't it ??!

  12. numpang lewat yach

  13. Cerita yg sangat menarik ! Baskoro dan baskoro ^_^ trims atas ceritanya ya. Mengobati kangen Bandung. hehe...
    Salam buat Pak Bas ya.. saya anak bimbing tesis nya.

  14. wah..dosen gw tuh..
    orang yg 'menarik'

  15. @Kiki,
    Yerp ki, that was the luckily, i could met my "name"..hahaha

    Yeah, my parents felt like, oh memories remained..haha

    Hehehe...i'm gonna miss bandung too after graduate.

    Ok, i will pass your regards to him.

  16. @dara,
    lol...take benefits from him, knowledge, link and networking..i think that will be better.

    btw, i can't open your profile.

  17. Memang.. hoki bener tuh si Baskoro.. (Baskoro yang mana kira2 yg hoki??):P

  18. cerita yang unik...oh nama lo tuh karena itu.pasti seru d reuniannya.Lo sama kok sama Mr.Bas, sama2 pinter.hahahaha

  19. @bikinsuprise,
    hahaha....dua2nya hoki lah kenal sm Baskoro..hahaha

    Iya, reunian...! ^^

  20. hai2
    lam knal
    gw lunaticmayang
    wah seru yah ^_^
    ternyata ada 2 Pak Bas
    lucu banget deh cerita u
    ternyata pak bas punya penggemar berat
    temenan yuk
    fs (
    fb (lunaticmayang)
    c ya ^_^

  21. wew. baru baca hari gini. keren..

    pa baskoro tu dosenku juga. (LOL)

    kebetulan lagi searching karya2nya, karena tugas studio kali ini dosen pembimbing kelompokku pa baskoro,, ga sengaja nemu blog ini.

    Nice! :)