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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Never say any Goodbye…

This is the first time I fetch to the last point.

Today’s the day...
we did not say anything in the last minutes, except

I don’t know, indescribable is the best word to tell you how does it feel.
We couldn’t say anything else, coz it would make the condition become more sentimental.

I do realize that I will face it, this is the consequence of all. And everything won’t be the same again later.

Just wanna say
“Take care there, keep improving yourself, keep trying to be a better person, feminine and don’t be too tomboy…and remember, don’t jump-jump too frequent again =)”

The book has closed. Put all the things on the right place, and continue our life. Chayoo!!

*just wanna release all the burdens, no heart feeling to everyone =)


  1. liat blog ini sambil dengerin Sentimental Generation...seremm, haha

  2. i feel sad reading this, i'm not in your place, but i've been there, so you must get over it dear, that is life :)

  3. Artikel-artikel di blog ini bagus-bagus. Coba lebih dipopulerkan lagi di akan lebih berguna buat pembaca di seluruh tanah air. Dan kami juga telah memiliki plugin untuk Blogspot dengan installasi mudah. Salam!

  4. sabar yah...ini adalah bagian dari HIDUP :)

  5. @boku baka,
    hahaha...ya bgitulah...

    Thanks shelly for your empathy... yup, the book has closed =)

    hahahahah too

    yeah, this is one of the journeys of life...

    Absolutely dude!! thx!

  6. wah..... parah - parah.........

    berarti lo intinya care cewe laen................

    jangan dilanjutkan.............

  7. my advice:

    must stop. don't be selfish. you might hurt more people than you know, including yourself.

  8. @melina


    yup, i've stopped it..let her happy with her life.... =)

  9. you slime! hahahah just jokin! love ya mwah xoxo :)

  10. Get a grip man! Don't be a softie. No woman no cry.
    Cheers! Let's party !!

  11. s.p. aka stephen forteFebruary 22, 2008 at 7:10 PM


    click my name.

  12. darn it.

  13. s.p. or s.f.

    whatever, lol

  14. @larissa,

    hahahaha....if I'm slime, so you're slime sister...hahaha...yeah, me too! take care...xoxo!

    @S.F, S.P, or,

    hahaha..yeah! no woman no cry dude..!

  15. dik,,,pls deh....

    what i can say..