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Friday, February 8, 2008

Cross Country Bicycling..part 3

Back with me, my Scottie..and with some of my bicycler friends..!

This Thursday, in the Gong Xi Fat Cai holiday, we went uphill, but now we didn’t go to Dago pakar. We went to hills on the east area of bandung, called cimenyan. This area is still “virgin”, there is no any big resto like in Dago Pakar area, still got lot of plantations, especially tomatoes, cabbages, and corns..

From Surapati Core, me, andhika, nano, tito and arief started at 7.30am. From surapati core, we went through Padasuka Street, and we saw Saung Angklung Udjo (at last I know where Saung Udjo is..hoho).

Since the cycling begin, we had an uphill track, always uphill..but some of them were slope slightly, some were sooooo incline.

We have to use 7th gear on the rear tire, and 1st gear on the front tire. One second, is one rotation of pedaling. It was slow, but we have to control our stamina, coz the journey had just begin..and we still had our looong, looong way to the top..

This is our first stop point, the flat area rear at the road side. You can see, Me with my blue United Helmet was checking my Scottie condition, behind me is Andhika and Arief with black t shirt. At that area, there are still lot of houses..the traffic of motorcycle, car is still so frequent. We have to be careful with our way line.

On the next pic, it’s Andhika with his heavy bike. His bike is the only one which is still using steel frame. The others are aluminum, so the weight also reduces. And the result, he was the most bicycle-carried on this journey. (Jadi, bukan naik di sepedanya, tapi mendorong sepeda sampai atasss!) hehehehe…You can see in the pic, there are no more any house surround that area. This is the second stop point, where we eat our passion fruit that we bought before we started.

Yooohooo…!! (It is not the top area yet), but we feel so much astonished with the bandung sceneries. It is more beautiful than if we see bandung from Dago Pakar. You can see bandung area, from the east side, till the west side. So beautiful! Maknyussss!

Then we continued our journey, keep uphill and uphill…till we met the plantations…Below are the tomato plants with the lady farmer.

At last, I feel tired and I also carried my bike..huhuhuhu…Chayo, chayoo!
But you can see the sceneries of bandung…it is soooo beautiful! It can make your mind and soul feel free, relax! All stresses, gone by seeing this beautiful sceneries…

Finally, we arrived at the top of the hills track. Then we have to prepare our bike. Setting up the bicycle seat to be a downhill position, decrease the height, so that our foot can step the ground when we have something bad. Previously, for an uphill, we have to make our seat as high as we can. So our foot will straight when we pedaling at the lowest position, then the muscle that will work is our calf (betis), not our thigh muscles..Then, for downhill, we have to reduce the air inside our tires. So we can get more grips on the rocky road. Below is my Scottie with uphill seat setting. So high huh the seat position.

We did the downhill session, so fast! Maybe, we reached 40km/hour. So fast! Till we just hear the sound of the wind in our ears..we took just 20 minutes to went down..Thank God, we didn’t get any accident, Alhamdulillah.

See ya at the next Cross country! (XC)



  1. Hmmm...
    Kapan ada lagi nih???
    Udah lama ga cycling!

  2. best2!! :)

    wah cycling pun ada strategy nya ya? up hill and down hill? wow!

    and the scenery ~ fantastic!


  3. having a ride on scottie? lol :p

  4. @Radit,

    Tanya aja nano, dia organizernya untuk spedaan2 kaya gini dit...


    Yes miss fish...! ada strategy nya..kalo tidak, uhh, bisa capek sekali nanti..

    Yup, the scenery are so much fantastic! kita serasa tidak di bandung, tapi di desa jauh entah dimana..hehehe

    yeah! my bestie! scottie..

  5. uwaa, kayaknya beneran suasana di sana bener2 bisa bikin refreshing n ngilangin stress! ngeliat foto2nya aja udah damai. huhu.

    Alhamdulillah kaki2nya ga knapa2 ^^

    Salam bwat scottie. kapan2 kenalin yak. huaheha. :P

  6. @diby, heyy2...welcome new blogger..! hehe

    Iya dib, enak banget suasananya...tapi lebih enak kalo kesana ngga capek2 naik sepeda sih, naik mobil aja..hehehe...

    Wah, sebenernya abis dari situ, kakinya jd sakit lg, tp yaa dipaksakan aja...skrng juga udah mendingan kok, tgl sisa2 pegel dikit..

    Wets! salam balik juga dari scottie.. hahaha.. =P