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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Bandung View from Dago Pakar

(With a car Light)

I Love Bandung view from uphill…

Time: 23.00-24.00, Weather Temperature: 14-16 celcius.
Condition: Fully dark, actually we couldn’t see anything here, without any lamp. There was only moonlight coz of the full moon light. Ohh I believe you all cannot see the full moon light in town.

(actually this is the real condition, when i used AUTO in my camera)

These are the pictures taken on the hill area in Bandung called Dago Pakar. The pics were taken with Pocket Camera, Canon Power Shot A530. Of course with tripod, and most of the pics are taken with Shutter Speed: 10”, and aperture f/2,6. Flash and without flash..

Well comparing with the SLR pictures, these are so worse quality. But the point is not only the quality of pictures, but the moment, places, and look how beautiful bandung from hills.

Terang Bulan Purnama
(There were no any lamps at all there, it was a moon light)

If you come to Indonesia, don't forget to visit bandung.
Paris van Java

For more photos, pls click on my photo gallery


  1. visit me here


  2. wah, jadi ingat lagu ~dancing in the moonlight :p


  3. @raquel,
    Come visit bandung! ;)

    ok2...i'm visiting now

    yerp, thx for coming...

  4. @You,

    Unfortunately we didn't do dancing in the moonlight that days...hmmmm....Sampai syurga aja ya! =P

  5. dancing with girls (a lot of them!)

    party on!!

  6. I love Bali. I enjoy sunshine.
    Although, Taiwan has full of sunshine, but.......
    different people,language,view.

  7. @violet yang,
    Yeah! bali is a beach much beautiful beach there..While Bandung is a hills city. Many mountains surrounded it.

    I saw many nice taiwan blogs in your blog...thanks!

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  9. oh lala
    flasing lights at Dago Pakar

  10. @camiseta,

    Ok friend...

    Yeah risz...Pls come to bandung,,,i will bring you there...

  11. Beautiful pictures and scence.