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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Action = Reaction

As a mechanical engineering student, I have to understand clearly The Law of Newton about force.

I like that law of force. Especially the third law, because it is related to our life.

Action = Reaction

Action is equal to reaction.

This law is mentioned too in the Islamic rules. All the goodness that we do will be back to us. (I’m not too good enough about this one, so please correct me if there is any mistake)

It means that anything what we do in our life is equal to what we get. If we do good things even it does to ourselves or to other people, we will get the good things too. If that doesn’t come today, maybe it will come tomorrow, next year, or next life (hereafter). I believe, what we have to do in our life is do the best and do something to make others prosperous, happy in a good way (hablum minannas).

Some of Muslim people in Indo and everywhere, made mistakes by just do all that pray vertically to God (hablum minallah). But, they don’t make any productive activities horizontally to others. Even people in Arab. Why don’t they try to build good business that can hire muslims? Why in Makkah or in Saudi which is a rich country, we still can see Hilton Hotel, Kentucky Fried Chicken, or other western products? (globalization, capitalism is the reason)

I’m sure we can actually, if we do all that things together. Togetherness is something that we have to build.

Give and take, that’s better than take and give


  1. lakukan yg terbaik dlm hidup kita, yang berguna bagi kita maupun orang lain =) insyaAllah kita smua pasti bisaa. amiin.

  2. yup, lakukan yang terbaik! memberi dulu, baru menerima...amiin.

    Good luck buat icnnya ya bu ketuaa! =)

  3. islam is the way of life...


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  5. thanks for your comment all...

    ok, let me think about it first..

  6. i also believe in karma. i think that would be a hindi interpretation (or alquran interpretation??) of action-reaction law..
    even, if bad things happen to us, just think of what blesses will you receive in the future!


  7. @ninzinha (nin, your nick is soo damn nice) hehehe

    I think the basic is coming from islamic law. But yeah all others are the derivatives of the islamic.

    yerp, we have to think positively, even the worst come to our life...