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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Nice Quotes...

The way you manage your emotion,
Is the way you manage your life

Love this quote. These make someone who read it, will be motivated. If you wanna have a good quality of life, so you must have a good quality of emotion management. Whether sad, angry, happy, maturity, every emotion in your mind & soul must be well managed.

The other nice quote is,

If you know how to live, you will live anyhow.

I agree so much. Many people can live happily, even they don't have enough money, at least they have enough money for their simple life. They are not greedy, they just need money to pay their monthly expenses and they're still happy. You will live anyhow. Happiness is not depends on how much money do you have, but it depends on how much you be able to manage your life and your mind.

For me, become to be a rich person is one of my future wishes. BUT, i won't use money just for myself and vain. Money is an idea, to create and realize something, so that other people can happy by our creations. I hope i can make others happy with money and the ideas.


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  1. most definitely. my favorite quotes :)

  2. Really? which one is your fave?

    Cmon, migrate into blogger! hehehe, still promoting.. ;)

  3. all the quotes,,,,are too meaningful,,,,

  4. mohammedali-AbudhabiJanuary 25, 2008 at 5:07 PM

    "don't treat others the way you don't want to be treated"

  5. @mohammedali-Abudhabi,

    Yes, thx for reminding. If you have blog too, can you link yours to me? thx