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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Jandi-Sanya Wedding Party

Last Saturday, I went to the Jandi-Sanya wedding party. FYI, they both are my high school friend. Their age is still 22 and 21. Why do they marry at this early age?? Because Jandi, the bridegroom has just finished his study in Universiti Teknologi Petronas (UTP) Malaysia, and just got hired in Schlumberger, while Sanya, the bride is still in her final year in Communication Faculty in University of Indonesia, Jakarta. So Jandi said, before he leaves for offshore condition, which is so much temptation there, from beer until girls. He chooses to marry first, so that he will not be tempted there.

*Since I have a plan to work in offshore area after graduate (hopefully this July), I might propose my girl as soon as possible too (the point is, who is YOUR GIRL bas???)

But as usual of wadding party, we use that event for reunion. Yeah! At the hall, we didn’t too really care to the show, we had our own conversations, craziness, pic taking, and etc. we were having our own reunion party there..hehehe

there is

And not forget, after the wedding party’s over, we had an after party show. Yeah, me with my closest friend went to “Roti Bakar Edi” the famous toasted bread in Blok M area, to have a chat about anything there. Time showed at 12am when we went to Roti Bakar Edi. Since at the wedding, we ate too much food, so at this place we just drink a lot.
This is the pic..and we finished there at 2am! Hahaha..GUY'S NITE!!

For jandi and sanya, hope you will always live happily ever after. And for all couple who wanna get married this soon, good luck for your marriage. Wish you all the best and luck! =)


  1. young & married, just like me!!
    (with kids) :)

  2. wahh nyesel ga bisa dateng ke resepsinya jandi. huhuu. pokoknya smoga mereka berdua bahagia. amiin!

    senengnya yang abis reunian. :D

  3. @ Shelly,

    Yup! they both are so young, but it's a life and destiny, and they live on it..So, hope you and they will be happy for the marriage life...

  4. @diby,

    Heyy! iyaa, anak angkatan 2006 nya emang gak terlalu banyak jg sih dib yang dateng,,,mungkin nanti 2 tahun lagi kalo tiba2 ada teman angkatan lo nikah, baru lo bela2in dateng yaa...

    iya, semoga mereka hidup bahagia deh dalam mengarungi bahtera kehidupan rumah tangga (weh2, berat nih)

    Wah! asik banget lho reunian!! hahaha

  5. @renata,

    eeehhh, siaul nih bu rena godain aja ya! hehehehe...