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Monday, January 28, 2008

I luv My Garden..!! (english version)

Ok, this time i will write the english version of my previous post.

You all can see in my garden, at my home...there are many trees that grow their fruit, and all happen in this month, when i have my university holiday and I'm at home.

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The first one, you can see the passion fruit on the steel structure of my garage roof..This kind of passion fruit is a rare one, which is colored yellow when the fruit ripe and the taste is so sour. otherwise, the common passion fruit is colored orange and the taste is sweeter than the rare one. The yellow passion fruit, is usually grow in Sumatra island, while my home is in Jakarta (Java island). It usually used to be syrup, with sugar added.

On the left side of my MPV car, there is one red rose-apple tree. And the fruits is coming out too. This one taste lil bit sour, but it will be nice if it is combined with the spicy of "rujak", with chili and red sugar that milled together. Uhh, spicy taste! soo nice..and fresh too..!

Next to my Terano car, there is one papaya tree. Papaya is very good for our stomach and absorbed system. Papaya has many fiber. So it's very good for our health.

If you need a chili, then I have the plant too, mine is small hot species one. So I don't need to buy chili if I want to make chili sauce.

And in my back garden, I have one Bangkok Guava tree. Guava has so much Vitamin C that obviously good for our healthy system.

And luckily, all that plants are have so much fruits it's lucky of me =)
That’s why I love staying in my hum..even Jakarta is warmer than bandung, but anyhow, home is still sweet home to me..