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Saturday, January 5, 2008

How to put Link on your Posts

Hei2, this time I'm gonna tell you something about how to make link on our posting. I got this info from Afsyuhud, but now he doesn't post anything more about tutorial. So I just wanna help some of my new blogger to know "How to make link on the posting."

1. Do you see these html code? yeah, just copy and paste it on your "create post" part on your window.

<_a href="" target="_blank">--My Story of Life--"_><_/a>

2. After you copy it, then change the purple words (, into your web or your own site that you wanna link.

And DELETE the Red color underlines, there are 3 RED COLOR UNDERLINE in that codes, so DELETE it before you save that codes in txt format on your Computer.

3. The Green words (--My Story of Life--) is the link's name that will appear on your posting. So change it into your fave link's nickname.

So, please try it, and inform me if you can made it on your own.

It's a pleasure for me to help each other =)

Good luck!

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