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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Cross Country Bicycling..part 2

Today I had a slope bicycling. Start at 9am and went down back to civilization at 12pm. With the body condition, maybe about 60% only. Why? Because one day before, I just had a pack of fried noodle for breakfast, no any lunch, then at 6 pm, I had another pack of noodle plus a cup of hot choco for dinner. That was so much unhealthy foods huh?! Hehehe. And I the early morning, I just had another cup of hot choco for breakfast. So I have not enough power for today cycling actually. But, show must goes on! Actually, my plan was just go for jogging. But because of some reasons, then I choose to do cycling. And I did it alone! Hehehe…”story of a lonely bicycler” (new Blink 182 song title). Oh no! I have a friend with me, his name is Scottie! My bicycle! Haha!

I believe if I have a motivation to pass the track, I can go through it, then I will be stronger mentally.

Below is my bike…Scottie!!

Start from McD simpang dago, then I pedaling go through Jalan dago to the top of dago, named Dago Pakar. At dago pakar, I picked part of PPR ITB, or the housing complex of ITB lecturer. By this road, we can go across dago pakar until lembang. So this is a shortcut, or a gap between dago pakar hills to lembang hills.

You can see that the road is fully sloped. It was all slope, the biggest slope is reach 30 degrees. So can you imagine how tired I was, when I did it this morning. But that’s fine, stamina is my #1..

I keep cycling until unconsciously saw the signboard showed that Dago is 4 KM behind, while lembang is still 7 KM away. Fiuhh! Pretty tired there..

I decided to continue my cycling until my 100% tiredness! X(
At last, I arrived at the place where I did my first and last downhill bicycling, where I had my accident there. Hehehe.

This is the pic when my Scottie takes a rest under the tree. You can see, that is Bandung City far away below..The white color one..So, I realized I’m pedaling at slope condition about 5 Km away! Wow! That’s far enough for your 60% physical condition.

Then after took a break in a small store, and filled up my power with 2 orange, and 2 pack of peanut, I went back to Dago Pakar road. Why I didn’t continue it to lembang, because the time had arrived at 12pm, and at 1 or 2 pm, I have to go back to Jakarta, so my journey there was postponed.

On the way back, I had my first cramps ever in my life. It was happen on the area between knee and thigh. Before it getting worse, I did the first mitigation of injury. Luckily, it was not getting worse. After a while, I continued my bicycling back to the civilization.

Bicycling is one of the big three sports that good for your cardio. It was called cardio exercise. The first best is swimming, since it has no any impact contact, so swimming is good for our joint between bones. The second one is jogging. And cycling is the third.

So, let’s have exercise for our health!!


  1. bagusss postingannya !!

  2. That's wonderful to spend a day with a bicycle. It reminds my youth days. So nice!

  3. keep it up....chaiyo!!chaiyo!!

  4. jadi tambah KANGEN BANGET DAGO ATAS. menyenangkan skaliiii. bicycling alone, enjoying the nature (sigh).

    benaaar, harus rajin olahraga ^^

  5. @pramafighter

    wah! thanks for the compliment

    @ both anonymous

    yup! always chaiyo for my life!!

    So jomlah cycling lagi on the weekend, so the memory will remain..


    Iya dib, menyenangkan memang di DAGO ATAS, tapi masih belum ketemu tuh yang namanya "bukit melamun"..hehehe...nanti kapan2 coba dicari lagi deh..Bicycling alone, makes you can muse about life...sometimes you need a time to be alone...

    @ Raquel

    I just gave my bike that name, right when i wrote this