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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Beautiful Sceneries of Cipularang Highway

I went back to Bandung on last Sunday, I drove my car, alone...

And then I realized how beautiful the Cipularang Highway is..

Surrounded by hills, and fog often comes when the weather is going cloudy...With cool mountains weather, you can feel the breeze of the fresh air there...hmmm, good for your health..

If you visit Jakarta and wanna go to Bandung through this Highway, don't forget to see the sceneries...Look at the photos...



  1. uwaahhh jadi tambah kangen ke bandung lagiiii. T-T curaaang. heuheuuu.

    salam bwat bandung tercintaaa!! liburan ini gw ke sana cuman skali. huhu.

  2. Hey2...Thx for commenting...

    Ok, gw titipin deh salam lo, mo dititipin ke bagian mananya aja dibandung? mas2 madtari? tugu sukarnonya itb? ato malah tanah di dago pakar? hehehe

    Ntar kalo ke indonesia lagi, mampir2 yaa kebandung..