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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Lost Prophets - Goodbye Tonight

Tonight, I felt stronger,
Inside of your ways,
It takes a lot to get home,
But its ok when the light is always on

I just want you to understand, there's no need to keep waiting.
Another day in another hand, it could be so different.
A Letter to me, your wasting time,
You know you could be, Yea you could try
But Tonight you'll get it right,
You will make a difference...

Tonight, Tonight, Tonight,
I Feel stronger,
Goodbye, Goodbye, Goodbye,
If i could see through, even so far away
Its all you need too, make it through another day.

Surprise, Scream your heart out,
Inside you will hand down,
Today it all seems too strong
If only you tried you would move on

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This song, which is a damn nice song for youth people, presents about the passion, motivation, and the way of life that we, youth have to die for...

Yes, we could be, we could try, WE CAN MAKE DIFFERENCES for our life, for human being


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