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Monday, December 24, 2007

Cooking Time..Part 2

Sunday morning, like the day before, me with my dad, and my brother, confuse about breakfast, FOOD, FOODS!

When I opened the refrigerator, I saw the are some of beans that myself dunno where does it come from..hahaha. Furthermore, I just took it out from refrigerator, and think what it will gonna be, is it will be stir-fried, soup, or other food?! (thinking soooo hard!)

Then, ahaaa! The easiest is just make it to be stir-fried beans! Then, I saw meatballs too in my freezer, so I can mix it with beans! Taste might be nice!

I prepared white onion, red onion, chili, sugar and salt (this time, salt won’t forget anymore!)

Here’s the picture! Ahaha, I can be a good chef huh!? hehehe

Then, I turn the stove on, fill the wok with oil and let it hot.
First, put in the white and red onion, let it until smell nice. And then put the chili in, meatball next, sugar and salt sufficiently and last is the beans!

TADAA! YAY! TASTE IS NOT BAD! Enough with the salt, but when it joined together with rice, salt taste become not enough.

As I said before, MEN need WOMEN, especially they who can cook. At least a few of foods, coz we MEN need FOODS! Huhuhu…

NO READ MORE (again) hehehe


  1. Haha.. Koki dadakan!!! Hehe, makanya mending ditumis aja.. luwih gampang kan?? Meskipun kamu cowok, memasak ya sebaiknya bisa, biar saat2 kayak gitu skillmu jadi bermanfaat. Hehehe.. Keep cooking. Sabar ya!

  2. (memenuhi janji gw...soooo this is my very first comment!!!)

    hoho, pada dasarnya anda adalah pria jawa which already has a mindset about what real women should do..
    those kind of "women thing", such as cooking, akan menjadi nilai tambah seorang wanita di mata pria jawa (iya ga yah? tp kayanya siy begitu,,hahah, sotoy)

    kapan2 gw masakin d..yaa masak makanan standar doank mah lumayan,,,,though i can't guarantee the taste..hahahaha!!!

  3. Hehehe, thx so much for your very first comment miss sari.. =)

    hope you will write more comments, or hope you make your own blog soon..hehehe, i cant hardly wait for it..

    Yeah, that's the mindset of Java ppl, mostly. And I think other ppl also agree with this point.

    Really? ok, please let me know if you have time to make some foods for me. I will go for it! hehehe