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Saturday, December 1, 2007


Ok, today I had a presentation from my alumni. they talked about market prospect of entrepreneur.

They said if 2,5% of indonesian ppl are become to be an entrepreneur, so let say 200M is the indonesian its about 5M people rite?

These 5M ppl, if they can have 10 ppl to be work with, so there will be 50M ppl work in these entrepreneurs sectors.

This 50M ppl, assume that they have 4 persons in their family, so there will be 200M people will be taken by these sectors! and that mean is all of Indonesian people will be lived by these sectors!!

So, the point is, Let us indonesian fight for our welfare! let us try to be an entrepreneur! Government should do the best so that we indonesian can reach that point, 2.5%!



  1. or the "Indonesian" talk LOL

  2. hahaha, thx for the "comments" girls!!

    yeah, maybe ria correct, this is indonesian ppl must do! VIVA INDONESIAAA! yeah! hehehe