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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Cross Country Bicycling!!

After few times always failed to sent this post, at last....

Yeah! Last weekend, me with Radit, Dimas, Nano and Tito had a cross country bicycling to Dago Pakar. Dago Pakar is a mountain and hills area at the north of Bandung. We started at 7am from ITB front gate, and done at 10am, had a soybean and black sticky rice porridge breakfast, it tastes sweet and very nice for healthy breakfast. Yummy! Hehehe…

Ok, briefly description about the track that we have done last weekend. Some were road with asphalt, but often were mud soil; see the first pic, my bike is full of mud! Yeah! Cross country rocks! hehehe

Next, is the pic of clear road, which is an concrete road…(well, I didn’t know what’s the exact name of “conblock” in English) hehehe

And the most interesting area is the waterfall area, named Curug Dago. At that place, also exist a written rock called “prasasti”, so at the past, someone with magic power wrote some sentences explained about the condition or about the past kingdom on the rock. See the roof area one in the next pic.

Yeah, those were some pics about my cross country activity last week with my mechanical engineering friends. Bicycling is very healthy, tired coz of the physical exercise but satisfied with the sceneries, yeeehaaa!! =)

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  1. oh lala 5 guys bicycling to (Dago Pakar?) LOL risza.x