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Saturday, November 3, 2007

The 1957 Alumni reunion

Yo, yo...Back with me...

Sorry for taking so long time not post anything on my blog. Start doing my final year project, and got some exams these weeks, so my intensity of posting gonna be reduced.

Ok, last Sunday, I had a Mechanical alumni reunion, The 1957 Alumni!! They were born around 1938, so they're 68-69 years old now. And from their lifting, now only left 40 persons, the other are passed away already.

Some of them lived in Singapore, and one of them stay in Swedan. They had their own opinion about ITB, alumni of ITB and Indonesian condition todays. Most of them said that nowadays, most of ITB people are individualistic, and don't have good leadership like Soekarno before.

The advice that I still remember are We as an ITB people and Indonesian people, should have a strong leadership skill, not only strong academic and individualistic skills. And the other one is about Nationalism! Indonesia needs its people who are still care about this country. To develope it, and fight for Indonesia welfare.

So, thank you so much for the advices sir! Hope we, as the young generation, can realize all your hope about ITB and Indonesia.


  1. the only person that I know that have a big BIG passion on being a 'nationalism' is Lucia. She would actually stab someone in their sleep for her country. hahahahahahaha.... what a douchbag!=D

    P.S = how does it feel talking and taking care of old people? I really do never have a real conversation with them... It's like, I'm talking about shopping and new dior products while they were talking about school. pfffttt NERD hehehehe

  2. That's true... Leadership!!!
    Even, "the five stars doctor" criterions of WHO most of them are just about LEADERSHIP...

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