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Monday, October 15, 2007

Happy Hari Raya!

Masjid Kubah Emas

Happy Hari Raya for All People who celebrate it...!! Hope after this time, we can be back to fitrah (holy) person...Ammmiiieeenn!

Please forgive all my mistakes to YOU ALL....!! and I've forgive all yours to me too =) thanks and amien...

Ok, that pic was taken on Hari Raya Day. My family went to Masjid Kubah Emas that the Kubah covered with Gold 24 Karat! The owner, Mrs. Dian Al Makhri got all the donation by cured the Sultan of Brunei. When The Sultan heal by her treatment, Sultan gave a land in Brunei to her. And guess what??! The land that gave to her, got an oil well inside the soil! So, yeah! She becomes to be an Oil Queen! She got lot of money from her oil well. And she allocates some of hers to build this 8000 m2 Mosque in 70Ha areas. This Islamic Center cost around US$ 400 Million! What a big amount of money, right? Subhanallah! Hope there will be a lot of rich people who allocate their money to build other Islamic center like this.


  1. happy hari raya! minal aidin something something. hehehe tias thought me :p forgive my mistakes. and yes I promise you, I'll be a better person. well at least better than my mom. :p my blog doesn't seem to work to send a comment.

  2. Woa,that's awesome!
    But,the most important thing in building a mosque is the function for syi'ar Islam.The mosque doesn't have to be so majestic like Dian Al-Makhri,ain't that right!?
    But,anyway,i still want to go there,if i have a chance.

  3. Waaa... Akhirnya kamu ke sana juga... Tapi maaph ya... keduluan... Looks crowded ya! Betewe bener tuh apa yang dikatakan Kang Adit...
    Anyways... Met lebaran ya, taqabbalallah minnaa wa minkum..

  4. dit.

    Every 2 days in the morning, Mrs. Dian ask ppl around that area to "ngaji" with her. So does ppl in my area, they used to go there to "ngaji" with her.

    so, yes it does dit.