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Monday, September 10, 2007

What an Unexpected Weekend

Wow, it was amazing when you can know some nice persons that you never knew and meet before, even I've never expect that i will know and meet them...they are Lucia Agni and Larissa Kuscher. Both are living in KL, but they are not Malaysian. Agni is Indonesian and Rissa is France.

So, actually I have no any relation or friend who knew them before this. Agni is my friend's friend sister. Hoho..what a long relation between us. And Rissa, I knew her from Agni. I just add Agni in friendster on last thursday, and we just had a short chat.

Rissa likes my friend in mechanical engineering ITB too. She likes this called Mr.T from the friendster picture. Not like actually, but just said that he is handsome. Ok back to the story, Since Rissa is Agni best friend, so Agni introduces me to Rissa, and I also give picture of Rissa to Mr.T my friend, and told him to add Rissa nick in YM.

So, this last Saturday nite, start from 10pm, all of us, 4 persons, chatted in YM until 4am! what a long chat huh?! hahaha...actually i just accompany Mr.T to chat with Rissa, and i chatted with Agni, with sleepy eyes, my eyes is only 5 Watts! hahaha. And thank God, they (Mr.T and Rissa) interested each other. Cannot imagine huh, from different country, culture, even friend, but they can be a good friend now.

This world is so big, with billions of people, but it is nice when you are able to know lot of people out there, even you don't know them before. What an unexpected weekend for me. Why? coz i've never think anything about knowing them and do chat with them until soo early morning. hehe..but it was fun, very fun.

Thank you for the faith, that makes us have chance to know each other. It's nice to know you all.

Keep in touch, wherever you are.. =)

and for Mr.T, if you believe in faith, you'll find the way to get it.


  1. hahahahahahaha Mr.T?? gw tahu nya Mr.P... itu loh kacan ala snack yg di jual di indonesia hehehehehe

  2. hahahaha...kalo gw sebut nama gak lucu dong, ntar ada yang marah pula..hehehe

    wah! enak tu kacang Mr.P...hehehe

  3. woohooo.. I prefer risza kuscher to put on there! hehehehe pleaseeeee... it sounds cooler