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Monday, September 3, 2007

Kawah Putih (White Crater) Ciwidey

Yup, last Sunday, 2 Sept 2007, I with Yanu, Radit, Luthfi and Ibnu went to White Crater Ciwidey. It was about 40 kilometers at the south of Bandung. We leaved from Dago at 8.30 am and took about 3 hours before arrived there. Actually, it only takes about 2 hours to reach there if we use Tol road, but we had some heavy traffic jams because of the Bandung Anniversary and we didn’t use Tol. Huhu, wrong choose! Fortunately, it all paid off, because of the beautiful scenery of The White Crater. On the way there, we saw a lot of strawberry nursery and plantation. We could buy it. And there are 2 options to buy it, one is you just buy the packaged one, or you are able to pick it direct from its tree. So if you want to choose your own strawberry, you can pick it by yourself. It’s very fun! hehe

So what is white crater? White crater is a crater, but inactive already. White crater surrounded by some hills because it is a crater, iya lah! Hehe. Why the color is white? Because there are a lot of sulfur on its base. As you all can see from the pics, there are many rocks at the crater area, and some trees burnt dunno why it all can burnt. The weater here was cool, around 23 Celsius degrees. So even in the afternoon, we still feel not warm. It was a very nice place for relaxing your mind, from the crowded of town. And to clean your lungs air with mountain fresh air.

Near to the crater water, there were mud areas in yellow color areas. It contains of mud, some were dries, but some of them were still wet. And I stepped on the wrong place, which is wet mud. That’s why my foot was dirty and the color was yellow. Tidak kotor, tidak belajar. Hehehe…

Ticket price to get into this place is only IDR 7500 each person, and IDR 5000 for a car. And there are some food stalls near to this place, selling instant noodle, fried rice, sate, and roasted corn and some of goreng-gorengan.

So for all of you, if you come to Bandung, don’t forget to visit this place, White Crater (Kawah Putih) Ciwidey. ok? =)


  1. wow it's pretty... I love the pics!

    btw, it's ok I edit it a bit.. and I post new blog.. so tias can read it any time if he wants.

  2. Om Buzz, emang bener ya Situ Patengan? Setauku siy Situ Patenggang.. Hehehe...