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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Situ Patengan

After finished from Kawah Putih, we continue our trip to the next place. It named Situ Patengan (Patengan Lake). It was only 5 kilometers away from Kawah Putih. We saw many tea plantations during our trip to go there. It all looked like very fair carpet! Compare with tea plantations at Puncak, these plantations were much beautiful.

(I’m not smoking cigarettes, that was only tea leaf..hehehe)

Ok, back to Situ Patengan. This is a lake on the mountain. The water temperature was cold, because you know lah, mountain weather was also cool. The ticket price to got here was IDR 5000 each person and for car, IDR 10000. At this lake, we can rent boat, an oar boat and just going around this lake area. In the middle of the lake, there is a small island, and there living 2 monkeys; male and female, but they don’t want to make a child.

We rented an oar boat, each person must have IDR 15000 at first, but I made a bargain so the prices can less to IDR 11000. It’s bargain able. So if you are a good bargain-person, you can get lower prices. =) hehehe.

With this boat, we could go to the place next to the lake, which is a high area of the hills. These are the pictures of the place.

From this place, which is containing with many rocks and tea plantations, we can see the nice sceneries of the hills especially if the weather is cool and breeze.

Finish from Lake Patengan at 4 pm, we went back to Bandung via Tol. So it just takes about 2 hours to reach Bandung. Very tired, but all that we had this Sunday were all worthy enough. Thank God we could go there that day.

Hohoho…these are very nice nature tours to visit. So, for all of you who come to Bandung, please don’t forget to spend yofur time to come here. You will never regret it.


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