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Friday, August 31, 2007

My First Downhill Bicycling

Tuesday morning 28 Aug 2007, at 9am, me with Arief went to Dago pakar, near to TAHURA and had a downhill bicycling. The first track was very extremely incline and challenging. Soil combined with sand and grass. With wide around 2 meters only, and valley at the right side, makes the track was so much exciting but very dangerous also. With my low end downhill bicycle, the track was so hard to be handled. I had a little accident when we just started for 5 minutes. My rear tire alocked, that made my bicycle loosing grip and became unstable. I fell to the left side; luckily that side was the saver side, compare with the right side which is nearer to valley. My helmet detached from my head, and my T-shirt torn because of friction with soil, some scratches in my body and a little injury in my arm. Thank God the accident was not too bad.

After that scary track, we arrived to the lighter track lah. The track is wider than before, it was 5 meters wide, and the soil was more solid and smooth. It was more relax and lesser tension that the previous track. Thank God again coz we didn’t get any accident here. We must shift the bicycle gear so many times, because there were some down and climb tracks. With some rests under the tree, at last we went down at 11am.

Actually, the tracks were nice, because of the hills scenery and the fresh air. Dago pakar is well-known in Bandung for the nature view, fresh air, and the Great Forest Park (Taman Hutan Raya). And not forget, there are many restaurants offering nice foods with beautiful hills view, especially in the evening when dinner time.

My comment, bicycling is a very healthy sport, because we have to operate the treadle, and then we have to control our breath. But it needs some preparation, equipment and also courageous.


  1. haduh, untung ga parah.
    saya sudah bertahun-tahun ga naik sepeda lagi. lebih 10 tahun kali.
    salam kenal.

  2. cie kaka mentang2 temennya org2 brazil pake bhs internasional mulu ni ah. hahaha

  3. to isnuansa,

    yup, untung ngga parah nih, tapi lumayan, pergelangan tangan terkilir dikit, gara2 pas jatuh nahannya pake tangan langsung..huhu...

    duh2, udah lama banget ngga sepedaan, harus dicoba lagi tuh kalo ada waktu dan tempat..hehe..menyehatkan lho..

    Yup! salam kenal juga..!

  4. to renata,

    hoho, ngga gitu juga ren..harus belajar dikit2 lah nulis pake bahasa inggris, biar makin lancaar nantinya..hehehe